Fotografisches Portrait einer jungen Frau

Fotografisches Portrait einer jungen Frau

Ich komme aus der Vergangenheit als Berichterstatter und bin allergisch gegen Menschen, die vorgeben, das zu sein, was sie nicht sind. Als ich gebeten wurde, Portraits zu machen, um achtzehn Jahre von C festzuhalten, brauchte ich einige Stunden, bevor ich eine Antwort gab. Wie konnte ich die von mir beauftragte Arbeit interpretieren? Die Mutter des neuen Zeitalters erzählte mir etwas sehr Zärtliches, sie wollte ihrer Tochter ein Fotoshooting geben, das zur Erinnerung an die Jugend werden könnte. Also dachte ich, dass die Fotos, die ich hätte machen sollen, eine dokumentarische Funktion gehabt hätten, keine Selbstsucht und Selbstbefriedigung, sondern die aufrichtigen Porträts einer jungen Frau, also akzeptierte ich mit Freude. Als ich in Cs Haus ankam, wurden meine Erwartungen nicht verraten, und ich befand mich vor einem ernsten, sonnigen und zurückhaltenden Mädchen. Nach einigen Gesprächen (und nachdem ich vergeblich versucht hatte, mich zum Freund des Freundes Jack Russel zu machen), haben wir einige Ecken des Hauses in ein Set verwandelt, und das ist das Ergebnis. Wenn Sie auch einen Portrait-Service wünschen, wenden Sie sich an mich, um mit mir über Ihre Ideen zu sprechen.

Verwendete Ausrüstung: Fujifilm X-pro2, Fujifilm XF 56mm f/1.2 R Fujinon, Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 R Wr, Fujifilm XF 90mm F2 R LM Wr, 7artisan 35mm f1.2, Godox AD400

Unerforscht Sant'Antioco

Unerforscht Sant'Antioco

Das paar fotos von Cristina und Marco zwischen Hügel und Meer

Marco und Cristina sind ein Paar aus Südsardinien. Sie baten mich, ihre Hochzeit nächsten Juni zu fotografieren.

Wir verbrachten einige Stunden in Sant’Antioco, einer kleinen Insel unweit von Cagliari, die durch eine Brücke mit Sardinien verbunden ist. Nach einem Kaffee in der zentralen Straße der Stadt brachte mich Marco zu einigen wirklich eindrucksvollen und wenig bekannten Ecken dieser wunderschönen Insel der Insel.

Wenn Sie nach solchen Fotos suchen, Kontaktiere sie mich für ein kostenloses Angebot, ich werde gerne mit Ihnen die beste Lösung für Ihr Fotoshooting finden



Auf dieser Seite habe ich einige der vielen Bewertungen gesammelt, die mir Kunden auf Facebook und auf Google Maps geschrieben haben. Hier können Sie die Meinungen und Erfahrungen derer lesen, die mich bereits ausgewählt haben, um einige der wichtigsten Momente ihres Lebens zu erzählen.

Alberto & Kerstin

My wife and me booked Fabio Marras as our wedding photographer for our wedding in Bitti Sardinia in the Hotel “Su Lithu” on June 4. 2016. It is to mention that I am half Sardinian, which was why we decided to marry in Sardinia and moreover spent our holidays in Sardinia a year before our wedding.

A year before our marriage we searched the web for suitable wedding photographers. This is already the first absolutely positive aspect that I would like to point our: Fabio has an extremely professional web presence. He was easy to find, immediately established contact via the web-chat an most importantly his portfolio of photos was simply impressive. Here it is noteworthy to mention that Fabio used to work as a photographer for one of the largest Sardinian newspapers, which is evident when you take a look at his pictures. The reportage-style of his artwork clearly stands our and gives the photos a very natural, spontaneous and vivid atmosphere. This was exactly what we were looking for.
After initial contact we met Fabio in Cagliari where we could get to know each other better. Fabio was very transparent regarding the fees, which – in the context of all wedding expenses – is at extremely decent rates. Fabio was absolutely friendly, calm, professional and due to his high wedding-experience gave us important advice in various photography-unrelated aspect, which we hadn’t initially thought about.

Fabio proposed to visit us in Germany in order to shoot pre-wedding photos which should not only serve us as potential invitation-card photos but would foster a more intimate contact between us and Fabio, leading to a more relaxed atmosphere at the wedding per se. We had Fabio visiting us in December 2015. A decision which were were extremely happy to make and highly recommend to anybody booking him as a photographer. The resulting pre-wedding-photos were absolutely stunning and can be viewed on his webpage and Facebook profile.

At our wedding Fabio’s calm presence really helped us to relax. Moreover he was invisible for all the guests, which is probably one of the most important attributes of a good photographer and the basis for yielding natural pictures. Fabio was well equipped, came with an assistant and even put up a slideshow of the photos during the wedding. In fact the photos were so well shot that they barely needed post-production and could be presented on the spot. All our guests as well as the location-staff were impressed by his work and we are sure that the staff of the wedding-location and even some of our guests will consider contacting him for his service.

It barely took two weeks after the wedding until we got the wedding pictures on a USB stick, packed in a lovely handmade wooden box, together with a selection of printed photos. It is to mention that Fabio also provides a photo-book service if requested.

To summarize: There is no reason for me and my wife to give Fabio less that 5 stars, since there was not the slightest negative point to mention. Fabio is professional, friendly, calm, open-minded, humble and has a very international and liberal attitude, which makes him the perfect candidate even for international jobs. In fact he indeed is particularly keen on such international services. We are definitely booking him again for upcoming – even wedding-unrelated – services.

We again thank Fabio for his service and are looking forward to seeing him again. ( leggi recensione su google )

Georgina and Josh

The best decision we made when planning our wedding was choosing Fabio Marras Photography. We never got to meet Fabio ahead of our wedding because we live in London, but Fabio was so attentive, thoughtful and helpful during our email communication and his friendly character means that you build a relationship with him before the big day arrives. Usually I am not so comfortable in front of a camera but Fabio put me at ease and took so many photos without us even noticing. Fabio and his assistant have so much passion for what they do that you can be assured that you will enjoy every moment in their company and receive photos beyond your wildest expectations. Fabio incorporates your ideas and suggestions into his own style so that you end up with your own individual collection of images. Our wedding was very small and intimate with just our closest family members so I was not sure if I wanted more than one photographer but they were both so gracious and respectful, making all of us feel involved and moving around us almost invisibly, skillfully capturing so many special moments in the least intrusive way with the advantage of two camera angles from each of them. The day flowed seamlessly without any interruptions, they just continued to take spontaneous photographs without any waiting around or setting up time. They worked so hard throughout the whole day, non-stop without pause and far longer than we had agreed. We think the service was unbelievable, outstanding value for money and we are so thankful to have met these guys and to have had the pleasure of their professionalism and artistry for the most important day of our lives. We received our wonderful photographs (large number of them, all usable) very soon after the date which was seriously impressive. Do not hesitate to choose Fabio Marras Photography!! #friendsforlife

Tania & Alessandro

Una persona splendida, capace di mimetizzarsi tra i sorrisi e immortalare momenti e attimi indimenticabili, un ottimo compagno di viaggio nel giorno più bello! Semplicemente fantastico, un consiglio? Non fatevelo scappare, e se nel giorno che avete prescelto lui non può, cambiate data al matrimonio!

Ugo D’alcamo – Un jour special: 

1 photographe exceptionnel avec qui j’aime beaucoup travailler. Mes mariés on toujours été ravi de son travail et moi j’ai toujours été rassuré durant mes mariages. Sei un grande Fabio !

Silvia Incani 

Ha catturato ogni istante e ogni emozione di quel giorno e ogni volta che riguardo le foto rivivo tutto, un grande professionista! Ama ciò che fa e lo si vede in ogni sua foto!
Lo risceglierei ad occhi chiusi!

Antonio & Roberta

Ha immortalato l’anima di quel giorno. Bellissime foto non scontate, originali. Ci hanno fatto tutti i complimenti. Fabio impeccabile non ha perso un istante ha lavorato senza mai fermarsi. Ragazzi se volete qualcuno di davvero bravo e professionale sceglietelo e non ve ne pentirete. Non possiamo che ringraziarlo di cuore per averci donato questo ricordo indelebile.

Daniele & Maria Silvia

IT Ci sono fotografi e fotografi. E poi c’è il meglio: Fabio per il nostro Matrimonio non solo è stato un fotografo, ma è diventato un amico capace di consigliare e rilassarci in una giornata che sarebbe potuta essere tesa, in una maniera professionale..sempre presente ed invisibile al contempo! E dopo, viste le foto, la sorpresa che oltre la tecnica sopraffina (sempre tutti sorridenti, inquadratore spettacolari) c’è il talento per pochi (storie, persone, sorrisi, momenti..) EN Translate the above 🙂 but this *international* photographer was also able to help with the foreign attendees, German and English speaking 🙂 talented, passionate, the good Italian habits and style 🙂 LINK RECENSIONE ->

Caterina & Marco

il giorno che abbiamo conosciuto fabio non abbiamo avuto nessun dubbio. . super professionale, onesto e soprattutto riesce a metterti a proprio agio in un giorno così speciale! le foto sono una più bella dell’altra…  grazie ancora!


Fabio ist ein echt toller Photograph… Er hat viel Einfühlungsvermögen und man merkt die Freude die er bei seiner arbeit hat…. Er hat unseren schönsten Tag in tollen Bildern festgehalten.

Mille mille Grazie dafür

Natalie Hammond

Our wedding wasn’t a traditional affair – it was simply just myself and my husband (we eloped!) and we were recommended Fabio by our wedding planner. Fabio contacted us before we arrived in Sardinia with some ideas of places he wanted to take us on our wedding day and scenery he wished to include. We loved all of his suggestions from the word go, but having never had a professional photoshoot together before, we were slightly apprehensive about how natural we would come across in the photos – but we needn’t have worried. We met up with Fabio the night before our wedding and we immediately felt completely at ease with him; we appreciated him finding the time to see us and show us various photos of previous weddings and couples he had worked with. On our wedding day, Fabio was fantastic – we laughed a lot and felt totally relaxed, hardly noticing he was there at all, yet he still managed to guide us without being too pushy. We had booked him for three hours, but with one location left to visit, he was insistent on finishing at the lighthouse as he had initially suggested and continued shooting until he felt he was finished. The time was spent perfectly, the four hours were filled with what are now amazing memories, he went above and beyond our expectations. And as for the photographs?! We absolutely ADORE them! Fabio’s work is just so beautiful and to say we are thrilled with the images from our day, is an understatement. He has captured our relationship perfectly…a lot of laughter and a lot of love! Not only is he exceptionally talented, but one of the nicest, most genuine people we have met. We are so glad that we chose Fabio – he was amazing to have around on the wedding day itself and he has provided us with some incredible memories of our day – photographs we can cherish forever. We have no hesitation in recommending him, he is just wonderful!

Martina Cinus

Abbiamo scelto Fabio esclusivamente basandoci sulle foto viste on line..e mai scelta fu più azzeccata. Una persona disponibile, empatica, paziente, onnipresente ma con discrezione. I nostri complimenti si sprecano ma riceverli dagli invitati anche durante la cerimonia è stato un trionfo. Lo consigliamo a tutti anche per la gentilezza con cui è riuscito a creare dei sorrisi nei nostri momenti di tensione!! professionalità indiscutibile, in meno di un mese abbiamo ricevuto un fantastico cofanetto. 

Guido & Maura

Servizio sciolto e divertente, nessuna posa stressante.
Il fotoreportage che abbiamo scelto è piaciuto tantissimo anche ai nostri ospiti, dietro ogni foto un’opera d’arte e una persona che ha saputo guardare oltre l’obbiettivo e catturare le nostre emozioni più profonde.

Riccardo Chessa

Fabio è un fotografo molto competente, sa come organizzare il lavoro ma anche ascoltare le esigenze degli sposi. Puntuale nella consegna del materiale e capace di mettere a proprio agio gli sposi scherzando e smorzando la tensione di fronte all’obbiettivo. Riesce a rendersi „invisibile“ senza perdersi neanche un attimo.


Fabio ist ein super Fotograf, Wir haben am 30.September auf Sardinien geheiratet. Fabio war äußerst zuvorkommend und hat uns die schönsten Erinnerungen geschenkt. Seine Art und sein Umgang mit den Gästen war einfach sensationell. Er ist auf jeden unserer Wünsche eingegangen. Er ist nur zu empfehlen.
Fabio, mille grazie per tutto

Andrea & Claudia

Non potevamo scegliere di meglio, ci ha messo sin da subito a nostro agio e la sua presenza era quasi impercettibile, ma sempre pronto a cogliere ogni singolo attimo della giornata.
Le foto parlano da sole, in ognuna di esse ci sono racchiuse tutte le emozioni che abbiamo vissuto nel „nostro giorno“.
Tornando indietro rifaremmo la stessa scelta altre 1000 volte.

Valentina Lai

Lo risceglieremmo ad occhi chiusi! Fabio è stato il fotografo che abbiamo sempre voluto! È sempre riuscito a cogliere i momenti più importanti, più divertenti e significativi. Durante il servizio è riuscito a metterci a nostro agio durante le foto di coppia mentre si è reso quasi invisibile ma sempre presente durante la festa!
Tra l’altro velocissimo nella consegna delle foto! Insomma, promosso a pieni voti 🙂