5D mark IV vs Fujifilm x100F

Before starting with my rant, I would like to point out that this article has nothing scientific about it, it is just a collection of sensations and reflections written by cast and that I can afford out of the wedding season.

To date, to work, I use two 5D mark IV camera bodies, until last month, for family photos and free time, I had a Canon G15. It was not bad, had rings for diaphragms and for times, an optical viewfinder (no electronic stuff in AF or other info) and a rather poor LCD monitor. The videos were also nice, the photos were now shorter than those made with smartphones. Last month so I decided to scrap my old Powershot G15 and I got a Fujifilm x100F, my intention was just to have a compact for the best family of the G15, but …

Here is a though, after a couple of days hacking on the x100f I can say that it was like making the first taste of chocolate to a child, I did not have a toy in my hands, but a small miniature bomb. It was like feeling awakened from drowsiness after a long journey, when you finally arrived at your destination, a bit like smoking a pipe during a walk in the countryside after an autumn rain … I’m shooting bullshit, I know. What I mean is that now Fujifilm has managed to get my attention, and I’m not talking about mind blows on incredible definitions, prints 10 meters by 15 meters, magnifications 1000x, I’m talking about feeling, feelings, feeling. When I was a teenager, it often happened to have the camera in hand but not the money to buy a roll, I went around the house pretending to take pictures here and there, I dreamed, I thought and when I finally could afford to take a picture on Serious, I enjoyed it all, Fuji reminded me of these magical moments.

And here the doubts assail me, how could be a marriage service, a corporate event, an event or a news story with Fuji? Of course, the x100F has the limit of the optics not interchangeable, and for this the x-pro2 would be the choice that for now, on paper tickles me more. The idea of shortening the physical distances between me and the subjects portrayed, to be more discreet, photographing with half large (and heavy) instruments, I noticed that when I photograph with the camera, my face is completely covered by the camera, it could be good, some friends would say after a beer, but taking pictures with x-pro 2 that has the viewfinder on the left, half face remains uncovered. Putting aside the jokes about the pleasure or not to look me in the face: -D, I think this is not an aspect to be underestimated, at least in my way of working in which empathy and human relationships is a key factor for the success of service (not for nothing I am rather reluctant to work with those who make the foundations of their existence of their aesthetic appearance).

Abandon the inevitable race to those who have the longest, brag of the last purchase, undress of useless and return to enjoy the photo and the moments that photographers. Abandoning Full Frame and returning to APS-C could make many people turn up their noses, on the web it is full of testimonies, personal experiences and discussions on the subject and sincerely based on the analysis of others, in the conditions in which I find myself, whoever commissioned it to you is not very useful. In the coming days I really hope to try x-pro2 and the optics that would allow me to replicate my current kit, or the Fujifilm FUJINON XF16mmF1.4 R WR (which would be equivalent to my current 24 1.4) and the Fujifilm XF 35 mm F1. 4 R (would replace the 50 mm 1.2 that I use now), It will not be an easy choice, Canon has trained me and allowed me to grow (and I contributed a lot to their turnover) but I sincerely feel like a used and mistreated consumer, who must undergo their market games.

Let’s see what happens, as I try the mirrorless Fujifilm I will write a new article to share my impressions and results.

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UPDATE! here you can read the next article after trying XPRO2