About me

My name is Fabio Marras, I am a freelance photographer and I work mainly  in Sardinia and Germany but I am also available for assignments wherever my photography service  is required.
My work is the tool that allows me to grow internally, photography is anthropological and social research, it is a means through which the truth can be told without filters and prejudice.
Photography can help society to liberate from the preconceptions we live in and to raise awareness of complex issues.
Over the years I have been involved in several projects to which I am particularly attached. Some of them being the campaign for same-sex marriages (even before the civil unions law was introduced), the report on the Kenza ship, which became an inspiration for the director Peter Marcias to make his film “Our quarantine” with Francesca Neri, and the report on Lake Cianuro in Furtei, Sardinia.

The last several years I have mainly dedicated to corporate and private events, developing a great interest in wedding photography, where lies the highest concentration of my photographic experiences gained in this period of time.
My photographic style is therefore a right balance between photo reportage and creative portrait, paying respect to the couple and their naturalness.  I carry out my work as a wedding photographer as if I were completing a journalistic assignment, utterly independent, without intervening in the scenes. While working, I try to empathize with spouses, family and guests, so that my presence can be accepted even by the most reserved.

I started my professional career as a photo journalist, working for over 10 years as a photo reporter for Unione Sarda and publishing thousands of services in various national and foreign press titles. I have collaborated with many companies and organizations such as Greenpeace, La Presse, Corriere della Sera, Diesel, BNL, Gallerie Alinari, Pfizer, Crimsoncat UK, The Century XII and News Corporation and since 2009 I am a member of the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti ( National Association of Journalists). My strengths are chronicle, social reportage, stage photography and of course the wedding reportage.
I speak Italian, French, English and German

Feel free to contact me with any question or proposal