Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to some of the questions I receive most frequently. If you do not find the answer to your questions, fill out the form by clicking here or write to, we will find together the solution that best suits your needs

I am based in the museum town of San Sperate, in Sardinia but the work leads me to move around the world, wherever my photography is required.

I believe in personal relationships and the alchemy that consequently arise. But I’m also connected 24/7 and when I want something, PC and smartphone are the first things I control, many purchases of goods and services I do via the Internet, I want my customers can find the same convenience with the purchase of my photo shoots . It is therefore not a problem if we are far away, on the contrary, I work mainly with foreign clients and it happens more and more often to meet the couple only a couple of hours before the ceremony. Feel free to write me from the CONTACTS page, send me an e-mail to or write me on WhatsApp to IT +393284176650 or DE +491789183357, I will be happy to help you find the best solution for your photo shoot and when you want we could also make a videocall to have a little talk and know better each other.

I study and constantly update myself. Having a photojournalistic training, I love doing wedding reportage. I prefer the use of natural light but, where possible, I also play with lights and flashes and I love to photograph people in their spontaneity. My service will be the right balance between reportage and creative portrait, with discretion and in full respect of spouses and their naturalness.

I come from a photojournalistic training, I am therefore used to carrying out an entire photographic service alone, this approach guarantees greater discretion and allow me to better blend in. However, I also offer services with two photographers and an assistant, depending on the place, type of service, number of guests and trips to be made. Tell me by e-mail as much detail as possible about your wedding, I will be happy to help you find the best solution for your photo shoot.

During services that exceed 5 hours, me and the team we will need refreshment and fresh water, it is not necessary to have a table with the other guests and we can have a menu staff different from the others. However, it would be nice to have a place available from which, during the reception, it is always possible to see Bride and Groom table. I need a table on a side with the space to rest the equipment (cameras and PC) and close to ac power. You could talk about it with your wedding planner or with who will follow the preparations of the restaurant.

I rely on the best Italian artisanal producers of photo books, with printing on Fujifilm photographic paper and finely bound. Various formats and materials are available. You can see one of my wedding album clicking here

I deal mainly with photography of events for individuals and companies, I am also a journalist registered with the Journalist Association since 2009 and I also work as a photojournalist. I can mention among my clients : Greenpeace, La Presse, Corriere della Sera, EYE Sportwear, Cantine Deiana, Diesel, BNL, Unione Sarda, SKY, Gallerie Alinari Florence, Pfizer, Crimsoncat UK, il secolo XIX.

It depends on the duration of the service, for a 10 hours wedding, on average I deliver about 600 photographs edited and in high resolution JPG format.

Depending on when the ceremony will be held, the wait can range from 30 to 180 days, usually weddings photographed in the first months of the year require less waiting than those taken between August and October.

I always answer by saying to book as soon as you are sure to want me to your wedding. There are no certain times, some customers book even 18 months in advance, others only two weeks before. Usually w.e. between June and September are those that are occupied before the other days. I receive lots requests for quotations, often more questions for the same day. I’m glad by the interest in me but, to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, I would also like to mention that the date will be assigned to the first customer who will confirm the reservation. A day will therefore be considered free until I am explicitly asked to block it (with the consequent acceptance of the estimate and payment of the deposit).

Once the availability of the date has been established and the estimate sent by e-mail is approved, it is necessary to pay a deposit. For payment methods, I invite you to write to me on the contact form or e-mail at

There are many variables that determine the cost of my wedding photo shoot such as the duration, location, number of photographers required, the choice or not of an album or digital files only. Write me providing as much detail as possible about your wedding, I will be happy to help you find the best solution for your photo shoot.

I mainly photograph between Sardinia and Germany, I work and travel with pleasure all over the globe, wherever my photographic services are requested. The travel expenses are normally quantified as an estimate for weddings outside the province of Cagliari, Sardinia but please, just write me your plan and needs, I will really happy to find with you the best offer and solution for your needs.

All photos, delivered to the couple, are the result of a selection and development from the native format (RAW) to the jpg. During the selection and development the post production provides, if necessary, the white balance, contrast, shadows and lights. I do not like artifacts and I’m a photoreporter, on the photos there will be no face-lift or wrinkle removal, let’s love as we are, BE YOURSELF is my motto.

Normally they are not necessary. If you consider it of fundamental importance to make an inspection, it will be calculated separately from the estimate based on the commitment requested.

Yes, my spouses can choose to buy only the digital service or digital + book album (with or without parent albums). Even if you choose only digital I always suggest printing, even independently with online services, the most significant photos.

My style of layout is clean, light and linear. I do not like shadows, overlapping or messy collage, I prefer wide white spaces that make the story breathe. My albums contain at most 100/120 photographs distributed on 60 pages. Before printing, however, I always submit the layout digitally, will print only once approved by the spouses.

The pre-wedding or engagement service lasting between 1.5h and 2h which in its complexity usually takes an afternoon. It is, therefore, a separate service that can also be requested by those who do not plan to marry in the immediate future ( see couple photo service I offer ). In the case of promised spouses, it may be useful for the couple to settle in front of the camera, as well as to have a beautiful memory of the couple. If you also want prenuptial service please tell me in the contact form, we will find together the solution that best suits your needs

As for photography, even in the last 10 years, there have been great transformations. Video and photography are very different and it is recommended to rely on specialized and accredited professionals who deal only with video.

Without prejudice to the possibility of engaging any cameraman you consider appropriate, I will be happy to advise you of the professionals with whom I have already had the pleasure of collaborating.