These days the streets are white, the anger of the Sardinian shepherds does not settle and the protests are increasingly fierce and lit.

As a photographer, journalist but above all as a Sardinian, I thought how I could make myself useful to the cause.

So, while my wife hung a white sheet on the balcony of the house, as a sign of support for the cause, I walked towards Senorbì, a rural town in Trexenta.

In this area, pastoralism has an important influence on the local economy and as soon as I arrived in the centre I immediately breathed the tension and the widespread concern among the population.

In the Senorbì countryside, I met two breeders, I wanted to portray them in their agropastoral context away from images of protest and confusion.

The Sirigu family, composed by Efisino, 86 years Marcello, 39 years old and the little Tomaso, 2 years old. Three generations of farmers, in protest for 5 days, who posed in their company and Giampietro Moreddu, also a breeder in protest, who not to waste the milk pouring it all over the streets, has begun to produce cheese with the old household methods.

The shepherds who pour milk into the streets, even if of very important effect, risk becoming the only image that will remain imprinted on us.

My intention was, therefore, to tell in a few shots the similarities that can be with anyone else who does not do the job of the pastor. Values like family, work, home, are common priorities, whether you are a bank employee, pharmacist, blacksmith or pastor. I hope that in the eyes of the people portrayed you may find a piece of yourself.

I warmly thank the people portrayed, the journalist Severino Sirigu (my friend and colleague) and his wife Valentina, for all the support they gave me.  #iostoconipastorisardi (which means: I’m with the Sardinian shepherds)