Couple, engagement and honeymoon photos

Two people can love each other, even without having to marry, for this I offer the couple photography service.

Couple and engagement photo

A photographic session of a few hours, romantic and fun to get engaged photos. If the couple has already decided on the wedding date, it can be an opportunity to break the ice, get to know each other better and become familiar with the future spouses, often scared by the camera. It is an opportunity for unmarried couples who do not want to contract marriage or for gay couples who, while desiring it, have unfortunately not yet the opportunity to celebrate a true marriage on a par with heterosexual couples

Proposal for marriage and engagement

By mutual agreement or organized by surprise by the boyfriend or girlfriend, the photo session is like that of a couple but pivots on the most important moment, when he or she will make the proposal to the partner, the emotion is assured!

Post-wedding and honeymoon

For those who decide to marry between intimates, with few people or with fast ceremonies. The day after is the service for the newlyweds who want to devote to the couple photos, in ceremonial or casual dress, more time than what would be dedicated to the wedding day, with more serenity and without the stress and tension that can be there the day you get married. This service allows you to have photographs with a strong emotional impact as, by agreeing with the spouses, you can choose scenarios normally inaccessible for time and distance on the wedding day. The same goes for those who decide instead to do the photo shoot during their honeymoon.

If you also want a couple photo shoot, in Italy or abroad: