Pin Up photoshooting

I work mainly as a wedding photographer and I am lucky enough to work a bit all over Europe. I was recently offered a job in Freiburg im Breisgau, it was a posed photo shoot, a field on which I actually have not much experience, so I found the assignment very challenging and interesting, and I accepted immediately. The customer is the MUA Alexandra Gromaz de los Santos, who wanted to take photos in her husband’s new and very original restaurant, the Barracuda Garage, in the Black Forest. It is a hangar that houses dozens of vintage cars, kept maniacally, converted into an industrial style pub where it is possible to eat and drink among the cars on display, a sort of museum / pub of the engines. The customer’s desire was to be able to show her work as a make-up artist, in a retro American environment, we opted for a Brazilian model, Camila, who posed in the guise of a modern contemporary Pin Up. In the shooting we included not only characteristic elements of the 50s pin up, like clothes and some poses, but both American vehicles and an Italian vespa (and a Sardinian photographer :-D) have been organized. The typically South American appearance of the model has reinforced the message of the now inevitable internationality in which we are immersed, a set of cultures, races and style icons which continue to influence each other every day. The different, the foreigner and the stranger are just mental boundaries that can easily be overcome, once we have crossed the xenophobic wall we can only rejoice in confronting ourselves with all the cultural opportunities available to us.

Photos as been taken with Fujifilm X-pro 2, the 56 mm 1.2 the 23 mm 1.4 and the 10-24 f4. I also used a Godox AD400 pro flash off camera with 80 cm Octabox and a reflective panel.