Two boys in Lyon

The freedom to be yourself. This is what pushed me to be interested in photography of gay couples. I was in Lyon, France to photograph Cedric and Guillaume, a fantastic couple of guys who made me learn a lot from our photo session: love is for everyone.

For years I have been trying to fight against the prejudices with which I was raised in this poor society, a native imprinting of racism, homophobia and xenophobia. These are the dogmas inculcated by this sick Nation: it is different who has the colour of black skin, avoid it! the Rom is a thief, attentive to your son! it is against nature and pervert the gay, beat him! the Muslim is terrorist, kill him … the list can continue indefinitely. There will be no freedom until each of us is free to live acting freely, without having to be afraid of being beaten, mocked, humiliated or killed. The happiness of being able to be oneself.